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What doesn’tkill you makesyou stronger…


How does one, molded by judgment, racism, and relentless adversity, persist in helping others, even when it threatens to awaken their own traumas?

'Hey P. Scott' unfolds from the challenging early childhood days in northern Michigan to the vibrant setting of Venice Beach, where an unlikely protagonist, a biracial filmmaker named P.Scott, finds himself entangled in a web of scandals and intrigue.

The narrative, based on true events, takes an unexpected turn as he not only delivers crucial evidence to the FBI in Washington, DC, but also unravels scandals involving athlete abuses on the university level.

Beyond its visual brilliance, the film is a gripping and humorous tale weaving through diverse landscapes, exploring what it means to have a resilient human spirit in a world that often falls short of expectations.

Breaking away from conventional storytelling, "Hey, P. Scott!" is a testament to the power of animation to push boundaries. With a unique blend of visual innovation and narrative courage, "Hey, P. Scott!" embraces a style and voice rarely seen in animated cinema.


"Hey P.Scott" offers a fresh perspective on storytelling, inviting the viewer to witness the extraordinary unfold on an unconventional canvas.

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