Episode 1: "Hey, PScott!"

  • Introduce PScott's filmmaking and teaching and background in foster care.

  • Paris Bataclan Attack. 130 killed by Extremists radicalized online.

  • PScott contacted by intelligence agency to help fight terrorism recruitment in D.C.

  • Trump cancels counterterrorism program.

  • PScott returns to Venice Beach to create original series for Viceland.

  • PScott is contacted by former student, Toni, who confides abuse by her coach.

  • Pscott reports the abuse and is pulled into the world of abuse in higher education.

  • Pscott’s colleagues from DC start appearing on the news.

  • Word spreads and several more student athletes come to PScott.

  • PScott meets student athletes at different universities.

  • PScott returns to filmmaking, but athletes continue to reach-out, some
    arriving at PScott's studio.

  • PScott hints at his reasons for listening to the students.